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Oregon Athletic Trainers' Society recognizes Whitworth alum

November 22, 2010
The Oregon Athletic Trainers' Society has recognized Whitworth alum David Howell, '08, as its Athletic Trainer Student of the Month. Howell is a second-year graduate student in the graduate athletic training program at the University of Oregon. The OATS issued the following statement about Howell:

"Although all of our students have demonstrated impressive accomplishments academically and clinically over the past several months, David has done so while seizing an extraordinary number of opportunities. In addition to mentoring our newly enrolled students at one of our athletic training facilities and the demands of his clinical placement with our collegiate football team, he is also actively collecting data for his thesis project, which requires him to work cooperatively with local high school ATCs and our department biomechanics and motor control faculty. He has been organizing data collection for concussed high school athletes by contacting the high school ATC, student-athletes and parents in order to set up times for neuropsychological and gait assessment after the initial injury and with several follow-up appointments in order to assess changes over time.

The time-commitment alone is significant, but when considered with respect to David's classroom/academic responsibilities, it is extraordinary. He has been passionate about this experience and we recognize the clinical significance of his efforts. Most importantly, David manages all his responsibilities while maintaining a contagious enthusiasm and is a significant leader among the graduate students in our Human Physiology Department. This is important to recognize as it shouldn't be that those who do the most should be rewarded, but to recognize those who can seize opportunities and all the while be a positive influence on those around them. Congratulations to David!"