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Whitworth Junior pursues passion at NASA

June 23, 2014

Projects include improving astronaut vision and drilling on Mars

Sarah Gady, ’16, was accepted into an internship program at the NASA Space Academy at Glenn Research Center, in Cleveland, Ohio. She is currently working with two other students on a project titled “Modeling Astronaut Central Nervous System Cerebral Fluid Response to Microgravity and its Effects on Astronaut Vision.”

Whitworth professor co-edits book on leadership development

June 17, 2014

All royalties donated to Compassion International’s Leadership Development Program

“We live in a world in need of transformation,” says Whitworth Professor of Leadership Studies Jack Burns. His new book, Organizational Leadership: Foundations and Practices for Christians (InterVarsity Press), which he co-edited with John R. Shoup and Donald C. Simmons, explores key facets of leadership from a Christian worldview.

Whitworth University implements compost tea program

June 13, 2014

Facilities services hopes to eliminate artificial fertilizers and herbicides

Whitworth Facilities Services is implementing a compost tea program as part of the university’s commitment toward a more sustainable campus. Using tea as fertilizer may seem unusual, but compost tea, once applied to the ground, works to create healthier soil. The compost tea program will provide a more economical and sustainable way to fertilize the campus grounds, and will allow the university to phase out synthetic fertilizers.

Whitworth Institute of Ministry, July 7-11, will feature presidents of Princeton Theological Seminary and Fuller theological seminaries

June 6, 2014

Mark Labberton
This summer, Whitworth welcomes Princeton Theological Seminary President Craig Barnes and Fuller Theological Seminary President Mark Labberton as the featured co-preachers for the 39th annual Whitworth Institute of Ministry.