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Whitworth professor co-edits book on leadership development

June 17, 2014

All royalties donated to Compassion International’s Leadership Development Program

“We live in a world in need of transformation,” says Whitworth Professor of Leadership Studies Jack Burns. His new book, Organizational Leadership: Foundations and Practices for Christians (InterVarsity Press), which he co-edited with John R. Shoup and Donald C. Simmons, explores key facets of leadership from a Christian worldview.

“We developed this book to be something quite different from the books commonly published in this area,” Burns says. The book addresses key leadership challenges in order to illustrate how leadership theory and theology work hand in hand.

In addition to co-editing the book, Burns authored several chapters; the book also features chapters by Whitworth Professor of Communication Studies Ron Pyle and Tim Dolan, a former director of the Institute of Clergy & Lay Leadership at Whitworth who is now on the faculty of Denver Seminary.

No authors will  receive royalties from sales of the book. Organizational Leadership includes chapters by Christian authors who, Burns says, were excited to contribute to the project as an act of ministry. All revenue will be donated to Compassion International’s Leadership Development Program, which provides college tuition to students with leadership potential in the developing world. Other authors who contributed to the book include Gayne J. Anacker, Rick Langer, Chris McHorney and R. Scott Rodin.

Whitworth University offers an interdisciplinary minor in leadership studies, meaning students from all majors may choose to minor in leadership studies. Many students do so, because they recognize the importance of leadership in virtually all post-college vocational endeavors. Burns says he often receives highly positive feedback from alums, who state how beneficial studying leadership theory has been for them.

Learn more about the book at InterVarsity Press’s website here.